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What We Do

We can provide a simple solution to re-key your home or business to complex solutions that might involve a full assessment of your site.

  • Emergency Lockouts

  • Re-Keying Services

  • Car Keys

  • Master Key Systems

  • Safe Supply & Servicing

  • Door Supply, install & servicing

  • Key Fobs for Garage & Gate

  • Security Screen's for doors and windows

The Team

We are a small team.
Andy is our resident locksmith with Amanda helping with all things admin.
We have a great amount of support from other great trades.If you require doors installed we have trusted carpenters to help us or
We have all the trades required to get your project finished. We will handle all aspects so you will not have to lift a finger.Help us with your choices and let us do the rest.

Andy Thomas

Andy has been a locksmith since 1996. With experience in all areas form homes to large industrial sites.
A UK Master Locksmith and SN8 Locksmith installing government locking systems.
He started out in Alton Hampshire UK then off to London to gain more experience. Adding Access control and other electronic security to his abilities.Then started his own company in Ropley Hampshire.
Working on British Telecom Buildings To Visa Data centers & heritage sites.
Then moving to Sydney in 2013
From then to now I have familiarising myself with Australian products and standards.
To combine all my skills to produce The Locksmith Clinic.

Members of MLAA:9733 LGA:N978

Need Keys Cut?

We have you covered.
We can help cut all types of keys. We can produce a direct copy or cut to code.
There are thousands of different key blanks.
Let us help you find yours.
Have a look at the images below for the types of keys we can cut.

Cylinder Keys

Mortice Keys

Safe Keys

Some keys are restricted for security purposes.
Some of these keys we can obtain. If we cannot cut them. We can help you find how to.

We supply the MLAA ML20 Restricted key.
(Master Locksmith Association of Australasia)
The MLAA’s latest restricted keyway, ML20 was released in October 2020. ML20 is a 6-pin inline multi-profile restricted keyway with protection via Design Registration until 2030.
Product specifications
Designed by the best in the industry.
Superior key profile design, ensuring the key clamps and cuts correctly, and is one of the hardest inline restricted systems to manipulate.
Key profiles A, B, C and M. M is a Master profile. M keys will work in barrels that accept either keys A, B, C or M.
Keys are made of nickel silver to provide superior strength.
Huge range of 52 different barrels to suit almost every lock type, which gives you the ability to do commercial and residential systems.
Barrels come in profiles A, B, C and M+. M+ barrels are unique and will accept all A, B, C and M keys.
Barrels and keys are manufactured together to ensure the highest tolerances.
10-year design registration until 2030.
Sales of ML20 support the MLAA and the locksmith industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Would you like less keys?

We can help.
We have the ability to change the internal's of your locks so you can have one key for your home or business.

Master Keying

We can also help you control who has access where.
Let us know who can access what doors and we can create your solution.

Standard Keys

If you have a standard key like the images below. We can key alike the locks to your home or business.
We can provide cupboard locks to padlocks and more.
Just ask to see if we can help.

Secure Inline Section

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe latest Restricted Key System for the MLAA, Proudly supplied by SGLOCKS. With a 10-year design registration on ALL 4 Key Profiles (A,B,C & M) Providing a TRUE 10-year registration on a multi-profile site.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONDesigned by the best in the industry
Superior key profile design, ensures the key clamps & cuts correctly and is one of the hardest inline restricted systems to manipulate
Key Profiles A,B,C & M. M is a Master profile. M Keys will work in Barrels that accept either keys A,B,C or M
Keys are made of "Nickel Silver" to provide superior strength
Barrels: Huge range of 52 different Barrels to suit almost every lock type gives you the ability to do commercial and also residential
Barrels come in profiles A,B,C & M+. "M+" Barrels are unique and will accept ALL A,B,C & M Keys
Barrels & Keys manufactured together to ensure the highest tolerances
10-year design registration until 2030
Support the MLAA and the Locksmith Industry in Australia & New Zealand

Screen Doors

Door Types

Contact Us

We a Kenthurst based company here The Hills, North West Sydney.We have been here for 8 Years and love the area.latitude 33°39'40"S and longitude 151°0'18"EA: PO Box 240 Kenthurst NSW 2156
E: hello@thelocksmith.clinic
P: 02 8005 2522
M: 0482 062 212